For many years, I let negative beliefs about myself rule. Naturally, this led to a period of depression, ruined friendships, and misery at work, home, & really everywhere. The idea of loving myself felt foreign, even selfish. Until one day, I realized how completely destructive this had been and said ‘enough’.

Letting go of self-judgments was difficult and requires repeated practice. By letting go of my fear for judgments and the need to compare myself with other people helped me in living a happier, more purposeful and fulfilled life. This is why I love what I do. I founded ELEVATE in 2018 as a way to spread this courage, enthusiasm, and passion to the rest of the world in hope that you too can find the confidence you need and experience life to its fullest.



Michelle Kuei was an 11-year-old student in rural Taiwan when a car running a red light completely altered her life’s trajectory. Through the long and painful process of recovery, Kuei made surprising discoveries about loss, identity, and personal strength--revelations that helped guide her through her journey as an immigrant to the United States. With radical honesty bolstering her storytelling, Kuei shows us how positive transformation can happen when we let go of self-pity, embrace our flaws, and learn to love ourselves.

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"Flaws are what make us human. Accepting our flaws and forgiving ourselves for our mistakes and reconciling those conflicting parts of ourselves is crucial to our health and happiness."

Michelle Kuei

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What We Can Do Together

There are several how we can do this. We can work together through live events and training workshops, online sessions, keynote, and one-to-one coaching.

I deliver personal and professional workshops and training - including Confidence and Courage, Core Values, Charities and Non-profits, and Small - but with a big vision - Entrepreneur.

If this your first time seeking my services, then I highly recommend starting by scheduling a 15 minutes discovery session call first to learn more or you can fill out the intake form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Michelle Kuei
Certified Professional Coach
Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

Tel: 626-233-0263

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