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Hi, I am Michelle. I help women to recover from broken heart syndrome with purpose, perspectives, and plans through self-mastery. I partner with women who are experiencing difficult time during life transitions to let go of negative self-talk, regain confidence, reconnect through values, purpose, fulfillment, and beliefs to bring balance, passion, and creativity back into life.

I help women to uncover their inner blind spots and cultivate new perspectives by using the Energy Leadership Technique to shift attitude and perception while support and empower an individual to create success on a sustainable level.

Here are a few things you can expect to walk away from me as my client: you will be able to consciously choose your actions and create the things you most wanted in your life. I can help you to open up to new possibilities, transform into a new version of yourself with greater joy and positivity in every aspect of your life. You will be able to shift your life from chaos to order, making a better choice, breaking old habits and moving forward at crossroads. You will gain clarity on your own purpose and potential with elevated motivations, better time management and personalized accountability with results that will last for your entire lifetime.

Schedule a Free 20 minute discovery session today to discover for yourself how powerful this energy shift can do for you on achieving your life goals.

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This is an opportunity to have your questions answered in detail. Leave me specifically and as concisely as possible your question and any other situational element I would need to know to answer it effectively. Try and be as clear as possible about what you are looking to understand and learn with the answer.


Quality Over Quantity
Provid strong client-coach support system through empowerment as the foundation of accountability and enable personal growth.

Strength from inside out
Establish the building blocks that emphasizes on self-awareness and self-esteem to create sustainable client confidence from inside out.
Think Outside the Box
Recognize and honor the individuality of client, always looking for innovated, flexible approach in coaching.
Elevate client energy and support client as they navigate on the path in searching a sense of purpose, clarity, emotional awareness, fitness and health.




Telephone or Web-based

One-on-One telephone or Zoom conference coaching to help clients gain clarity of current situation and remove blocks through effective Core energy coaching to identify self sabotaging behavior, create new habits, devise action-plan and accountability to achieve desirable outcome.

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Mastermind Workshop

Mastermind workshop offers a combination of brainstorming education, accountability, and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills.
Designed to facilitate the group to dive deeply into discussions, and work with members on the team to create success. Energy Leadership Index Assessment maybe purchase for team leaders, management as well as individuals within group settings.

Through the mastermind workshop you will be able to create a goal, then design a plan to achieve it. You will also begin to implement your plan.

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Price is dependent upon the category of service, the method of coaching, and duration of service.
All clients are eligible for one 20 minutes discovery session. All rates are specified in US Dollars.
Payments are to be made in advance.


Certification & Membership


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