You are the spiritual being.

We all have a frequency that can be felt. The frequency is what you hear the moment you turn the radio on. It’s the sound of your humming as you go about your day, it’s a single note on a piano, your favorite band rocking out, or the words coming out of your mouth. This frequency is found in the tone of your soul too. You don’t hear it but you sure feel it.

We all have our individual tone, like a musical note, and when you take this note and combine it with one that doesn’t compliment you just get noise. And without harmony, no matter how hard you try you just can’t bring yourself to someone or something where the tone is too dissimilar from yours. They call this feeling a “cognitively dissonant”

Connection on any level is about growth. Growing through the conditioning we’ve developed, growing past the experience we’ve picked up in life. Growing into self-realization and growing into the happiness that is more than what you have been taught to expect. These harmonic soul connections teach us patience and tolerance, they are designed to help us elevate our consciousness so we can achieve and accomplished greater things.

As we get older, we begin to suppress our sense of being and connection to our true self. In my case, it happened after someone criticized and judged me for my physical appearance. Any experience that didn’t feel good would cause us to assume our core nature or any parts of it to be not acceptable. It no longer felt right or okay to be oneself.

We became afraid to be authentic and we hid parts of ourselves away and often time it is the essential part of us. And we forget them. Over time, it seemed as if we have disconnected from these parts, our own essence of identity.

Sounds familiar? You are not alone. Many people feel they have lost themselves.

For many years, I shut away some essential parts of myself to fit into society. My physical appearance is so noticeable that I wanted others to accept me and not see me differently. So I avoid social gatherings, I avoid being seen in the crow but I was struggling to feel connected to people.

Ironically, believe it or not, you are and always have been connected. You know who you are at your core. No matter what parts of yourself you hid away and stopped expressing, those did not go away or become separate from you. They are waiting for you to awaken them. They are in the shadows hoping you will call them to come back into the light.

Part of living in this physical world involves a process of forgetting we are. We are the spiritual beings having human experiences and therefore we have and always will be connected to our spirit or essence of a higher power.

How do you connect or RECONNECT to your True Self? Here are three easy steps that you can try to accomplish that goal.

1. Meditate

Spend time daily quietly being with yourself. Use the meditation time to let go of people’s perception of you or your own perception of yourself. Be who you are. Sit with yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are you like?
  • What do you enjoy?
  • What do you feel passionate about?
  • What is your purpose in life?”

2. Journal

Take time to journal about the same questions you asked in your meditation. Make a list of things you used to do and enjoy. Write about times in your life when you felt happy, passionate, excited, or purposeful.

Try my 5 days of self-acceptance workbook and finding purpose journal for FREE to help you reconnect with yourself.

3. Express your true self.

Try something new, try something you never have done before. Do something small that allows you to feel connected with the Real you.

Authenticity means being your true self and honoring yourself. It means finding the answers within, rather than searching for them outside of yourself. Our society had taught us to look outside of ourselves and figure life out. We go to school, church, read, watch, listen, do until we feel completely out of alignment and wonder, who am I?

Can you imagine what it would feel like if one day what you think and say are in perfect alignment with what you feel? What would you be and would you feel connected enough to be you?


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