What is Awareness?

It is everywhere.

They talk about it on television, on the radio and even when you go to your yoga practice or cycling class. If there is a trend for everything that we do in this world, than this must be it!


What is awareness?

In short, awareness is the ability to differentiate oneself from the environment and other individuals within the surrounding. Awareness is how one consciously know one’s own feelings, motives, desires and character; the ability to know, to perceive and to recognize the event. Awareness is tangible.

This is not to be confused with consciousness. Consciousness is the quality of awareness. It is being aware of one’s surrounding, having a sense of selfhood or soul, and our ability to feel our experience and feel “awaken”.

When you walk on the street, you are aware of the passing cars, sounds of the people talking in a coffee shop, and you are aware of the bird that just flew over your head as you gazed into the sky. You are aware of how you feel when someone cuts you off in a lane on a highway. You feel anger and you are aware you might be speeding up a little bit just to see who was that person in the driver’s seat.

Consciousness, however, takes you slightly deeper than just being aware of the events. It is often associated with being spiritual. Spirituality is how connecting, relating or affecting the human spirit or soul. It is everything that is non-measurable as oppose to material or physical things. Consciousness is the degree of awareness where the physical world no longer obstructs your understanding.

Why might conscious awareness be important?

Awareness is knowledge. The ability to recognize what is going on externally and internally around you would allow you to make decisions and choices in life. You might be aware of your anger when your values got triggered and you can choose to engage or not to engage with the trigger.

Truth is, who would want to stay at the level of “Good” when you can advance to make it better? This is where consciousness comes in. You make better decisions and better choices when you are conscious, you begin to explore a higher calling, a bigger purpose. when you have elevated level of consciousness, it also allows you to question and reason what your realities look like when you are truly becoming conscious.

Awareness allows us to become an observer to our own emotions and feelings from different situations. It allows us to have better understanding of an event that we perceived as “chaotic” or “normal”. When we practice awareness on a daily basis, we begin to shift or mind into a more conscious level.

As we go about our days of doing things and interacting with people, we gain more insights into our own awareness from an observer’s point of view and when time goes on, we become more and more curious about our own feelings and emotions, all of which leads to learning about our own beings (consciousness). We see the world as it is without judgments; We look into our own belief systems that may be holding us back from experiencing peace and joy.

Practice Awareness gives us a chance to see that often time we do not feel the need for conflicts and judgments because we are able to stand back and look at a situation with clarity.

Keep it in your Practice

Try it for this week.
See if you can catch your feelings and emotions whenever you are in a conflict.

We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.”





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