What have you Sacrificed to Become?

Last weekend I worked as a volunteer for the coach-training program where I received training. I had a blast meeting new coaches in training and listening to our lead trainer teach them the same materials I have received in the past. It was inspiring to meet them and even to be able to interact with them when I help to fill in during their pair up coaching sessions. It was definitely a different perspective and experience compared to when I was in their seat as a student.

I believe that having a vision and following your passion is so important to many of us. It is human nature to desire to live a life fully and pursue our dream. However, sometimes, for whatever reason, we lose our focus and fall off the wagon.

Yesterday a client of mine brought this word “sacrificed” into our session. He has a vision of expanding his entrepreneurship in real estate. He came to me feeling that vision of his is not working. He felt he needed a new set of a network; he needed to find partners who have a better attitude and would want to do business with him. He felt stuck because his family is taking away from the time he needed to expand the vision of his. He repeatedly used the word “sacrificed” to describe his relationship to his work and his family.

“Sacrificed” is an interesting word he used and most people would associate it with something bad and negative. They may have sacrificed their money, their health, their marriage, or their relationship and in my client’s case, his vision and goal. He has a goal of for being successful in real estate but he felt if he continue to pursue his goal, he might sacrifice his marriage. Sacrifice has become associated with going without; giving things up, but sacrifices come from the idea of making something sacred by offering it to the deity, acknowledging the source of everything beyond ourselves.

Depending on your perception, sacrificed can also mean many things. You can sacrifice a belief that is no longer serving you, you can sacrifice your own judgment about yourself for not being good enough, and you can also sacrifice the need to look for happiness through external means. There are so many ways to look at your sacrifice. Nevertheless, I think the biggest sacrifice you can make to yourself is sacrificing your dream and your passion. It does not matter whether the deity is real or imagined, what matters is a gratitude-an acknowledgment that we do not live by our own means but in relationship with a network.

I sat in the back of the classroom over the weekend while watching these new coaches in training having that passion and dream of getting to somewhere. The value of getting rid of things we do not need is a Hindu concept of teaching the truth: removing illusions and ignorance, leaving only what is real, true and beautiful. What we need is to take a leap forward abandoning the fear of losing out, and the fear of not being enough and move towards cultivating our gratitude and appreciation for who we are. We have nothing to lose but exceed.
Sometimes, it can feel like everyone else is achieving his or her goals in life, while you are left struggling to figure out who you are meant to be or what you want to do. There are methods to identify what’s holding you back—whether it’s fear, limiting beliefs or the unconscious mind—and then eliminate each obstacle to reach your goals. You are the only one who has the power to either move forward or hold yourself back.


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