Step one: take a step

Few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a close friend and this topic came up. Days later, that idea planted in my head began to grow stronger and stronger each day. So, I end up making few purchase of books to start from Amazon. I causally mentioned to my other friend at work that I was going to start life coaching. He laughed and told me don’t do it. I am of all people the least motivating for sure. Of course, I didn’t think he meant it, it was a joke. For you see, I have a dark sense of humor sometimes. I came home that night and started to look even further.

I was on a full mission to dig into this whole life coaching thing. I went online searching for ways to start. I had to take into consideration of my full time job of course. I was on a mission of puzzling the logistics of how to get it done? Where do I want to do this? How much am I willing to spend on this? Who do I need to contact in order to get it started? Are these people legit?

My mind was on a race track running and chasing down all my answers to that single idea my friend planted in my head. I went online and found a few institutions and how to get myself internationally recognized certifications. These are life coaches for the coaches. They develop curriculums, live classes, webinars so that you can become recognized nationally as life coach.

I had everything all worked out, all in my head. I had vision of where I want to be. And I went on and took the first step to get to where I want to be.

We all have those days and those moments where we find ourselves in a complete strange territory. Unfamiliar field that put us out of our comfort zone. Just three years ago, I would never have thought about or getting close to looking at life coaching. I mean, what is that? What do you do with that? Is that even a career? But here I am, blogging about my first step.

Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone. It opens up our perspectives and create opportunities. Take charge, do what you do the best. With determination, dedication and discipline, all of which had brought us to where we are today, move towards this next journey and this is how it starts.

Step number one: take a step


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