Know Thyself

To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment. –Eckhart Tolle

Part of my life coaching training consists of “knowing myself”. I am the fortunate one because for many years I have had a habit of keeping a journal. In my opinion, keeping a journal is a great way of self-reflection. It provides you with an opportunity to review what is going on, how do you feel, and what could have been done better and so much more.

Many times we are on guard when our actions or views are challenged. We stop being mindful and when we think we know, harm can happen. The moment when someone point out the things we did without being mindful, we become defensive to our own actions. We felt hurt and judged by the other person.

What are you telling yourself when these things happen? What would have your best friend tell you? What would be the most loving way of handling the situation? How do you self reflect? Do you say your gratitudes at night?

The beginning of my life coaching training, I had to go through and answer over 100 pages of questions pertaining to myself. Questions of my past and current state, my confidence level, my strengths and weaknesses. It took a long time to sit down and reflect back to where I had been and where I am. The purpose of these questionnaire is not so that others can read what you have written but to provide you with a tool and re-visit yourself.

Know thyself not as what are your thoughts, but whom you really are beneath all your conditioned thoughts. It is a process of peeling off each layer to see your true self.


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