Finding Purpose

This is how the story of our lives generally begins.

An ordinary girl or boy set out to the treacherous world in search of his or her love. On this journey, there are road bumps and obstacles, it could be a dragon, a monster hidden in darkness, an evil witch that turns everything from gold to stone, but in some ways another it is never easy for the ordinary girl or boy to just simply find love. If it weren’t for all these obstacles, we probably wouldn’t even have a story to tell in the first place.

Of course, after overcoming these obstacles and speed bumps, and with the help of some fairy godmother or angels, the ordinary boys and girls in our story turn out to be someone extraordinary; someone with courage, charismas, wisdom, wealth and a happily ever after life.

This is how the story of us generally happens. You are in fact the very same boys and girls that set out to the world in search of something meaningful to you. It can be love, it can be wisdom, it can be your “purpose”. We are all characters within our own story. The one who felt insignificant at first, the one who felt lacking, and not enough, but somewhere along the story of our own lifetime, we discover our own journey. The journey to become someone greater than who we think we are.

You hold the Answer Key to your own Life Questions

If you can look back and pin point a moment in your life and say, “I got this! This is what I am good at. This is my strength!”, what day is that? How did you feel that day? What was it makes it so great?

Did you have to set out and combat a dragon? Did you have to learn new skills to feel that way? Or did you need to do a lot of search to find yourself feeling that way? Perhaps. Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t.

Truth is our purpose, the love that everyone is looking for, the endless wealth and wisdom, none of those can be found from external sources. The feeling of true happiness to realizing what your strengths are, all came from inside. You had the answers to all your own questions this whole time. What does this mean? It means that you are the purpose. Every breath you are taking, every step you land your foot on the ground, and every beat of your heart, and everything about you is the purpose. You don’t need to look outside to find it.

So, there! Set yourself out to find your purpose, find that true love, searching for abundance. Go ahead and do that! But only this time, I want you to look inside of your own heart, dive in, go deep, put on your fighting gloves and combat that monster who showed up on your way. Because you write your own story so make sure you write it well. You give it a good journey, make it interesting and share that with your friends and family.

This is the way I write mine.
Dive in, Go Deep, Look inside.


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