Don’t be too harsh on yourself.


You tend to have a more negative view about yourself.

Most of the time you think of what can wrong instead of trying to find out the best outcome of the situation. Do not try to make everything the way you want. Sometimes we just look through a dirty lens that makes us focus on the negative. Having negative energy can make you feel very draining, resisting and suffocating.

Short-term you may be able to cope with it but it is also distracting and it acts like a blinder through which you only see a limited view of a situation and therefore reducing the choices available to you.  When you continue to cope with negative energy on a long-term basis, it imparts emotional, mental and physical tolls that are potentially destructive to you and to all those around you. Just clean your lens and switch the focus on the positive. It is about how you see it, your perspective. Life will be easier and people around you will appreciate you more! 

Hopefully you’ve enjoy taking this quiz. Here is a copy of my top 3 steps on how to release your judgements for download.